Amanda Honey

Amanda Honey

Garden Designer

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My love of plants and the wonders of the natural world, stems from my early life growing up on a farm in Somerset. This instilled in me a value system which to this day I adhere to, placing a huge importance on organic processes. 

I previously worked with my husband at his business Palmbrokers; which built Film & TV sets using plants and natural scenery; forests to tropical jungles for some of Hollywoods most prestigious films. I earned valuable experience both as a stylist when set dressing, as well as practical skills in caring for an extensive range of plants. The knowledge I gained from building a mature garden in a studio from scratch was invaluable, including perspective, scale, drama, surface leaf texture, colour and lighting.

I think it is very important in the creative fields to have a range of influences. My designs draw on my experience in fashion and Interior design as well as my fascination with architecture. I personally value the structural elements of ' green architecture ' within a garden and find that it is important to have a balance of specimen trees, clipped hedging, topiary and espalier, that provides a framework and juxtaposition to soft romantic herbaceous planting. 

For me a successful garden is one that evokes a lasting memory and visceral response.